• Name: William (Bill) Biwer
  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • Work: RAZR
  • Resume: Available Upon Request

  • Email: billbiwer (at)
  • Twitter: @billbiwer

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Brands and Client Logos

Brands and clients I've had the pleasure of working on.
I'm happy to share specific work or more in-depth case studies upon request.

HTH Pool Care    |     Cabrito Tequila    |     Wonder Bread    |     Georgia Pacific   
Twin Cities Orthopedics    |     Poolife

Client: HTH Pool Care®
Objective: Position HTH Pool Care as the online and in-store leader in the DIY pool space.
Solution: Through concept development using key consumer data and insights, we created the "You're all clear with HTH®" campaign to give the average pool owner the knowledge they need, when they need it.

We significantly boosted brand awareness by implementing an always-on media campaign featuring seasonally relevant messaging. By delivering consistent creative content in-store and on digital product display pages, we successfully connected shoppers to the brand at the moment of purchase, resulting in an impressive 72% growth at one of America's largest retailers.

Tactics: Website Redesign | In-Store Signage | E-commerce | Paid Media Campaign | Organic Social | Video Production | Photoshoot | Package Design

You're all clear with HTH® campaign overview.

HTH Pool Care In-Store HTH Pool Care Packaging HTH Pool Care Paid Media HTH Pool Care Amazon and PDP

Above the Fold Product Display Page Video

HTH Pool Care Website HTH Pool Care App

Part 1 of a 4-part series for HTH Pool Care® that simplified pool maintenance and positioned HTH Pool Care as a shopper’s goto DIY pool chemical company.

Client: Cabrito Tequila
Objective: Reposition the brand from an unknown bottom shelf spirit to the "Fireball of tequilas".
Solution: Develop an engaging and fun campaign to raise brand awareness. Utilize social media, influencers, and current trends, topics, and memes to produce shareable content that naturally promotes the idea that Cabrito is not just any tequila; it's the G.O.A.T., the Greatest Of All Tequila.

Tactics: In-Store Signage | On-Premise Assets | Digital Media | Organic Social

The Cabrito Story The Cabrito Story The Cabrito Story The Cabrito Story The Cabrito Story The Cabrito Story The Cabrito Story The Cabrito Story The Cabrito Story

Client: Wonder Bread
Objective: Amplify Wonder Bread's partnership with the USO in an exciting new way to further increase shelf space and obtain buy-in from major retailers throughout the United States.
Solution: Elevate this year's campaign by focusing on insights and learnings from previous years campaigns. We made the sweepstakes more closely associated with both Wonder Bread and the USO by offering a prize that both brands are passionate about, providing the winners with a VIP experience.

Throughout the campaign, they received over 700k scans to enter and increased sales by +6.8% YA and +2.7% 2YA. The program was so successful at retailers that Walmart requested its own additional version to be run at another period during the year.

Tactics: In-Store Signage | Digital Media | Microsite | Incremental Retailer Media

Concept Boards In-Store Displays Incremental Displays In-Store Materials Digital Media

Client: Georgia Pacific: Angel Soft, Brawny, Dixie, and Quilted Northern
Objective: Support the brand at key retailers with customized marketing support and gain market share against competitor brands.
Solution: Create a repository of assets to support each of Georgia-Pacific's brands built with a shopper mindset to drive conversion. Utilize shopper behavior insights and strategies to build creative that would command attention in-store and online. The creative conveyed product benefits clearly; and was retailer agnostic so it could be quickly resized and updated to be used at several different retailers.

The strong creative treatments within the toolkits helped Georgia-Pacific close sales with shoppers at the lower end of the marketing funnel, driving conversion and gaining new shoppers in categories with high household penetration.

Tactics: In-Store Signage | E-commerce | Digital Media | Emails | Incremental Retailer Media

Angel Soft Toolkit Angel Soft Pandora Script Angel Soft New Package Toolkit Quilted Northern Toolkit Dixie Toolkit Brawny Toolkit Multibrand Shelf Blade

Client: Twin Cities Orthopedics®
Objective: Introduce TCO as the preferred provider for orthopedic care within the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.
Solution: Unify all of TCO’s service lines under one common theme that focused on sports. Clear and concise messaging allowed them to amplify their brand presence and establish themselves as the premiere orthopedic provider for athletes.

TCO significantly elevated its credibility and community reach through strategic partnerships with local sports teams such as the Minnesota Vikings and St. Paul Saints, leading to a substantial increase in foot traffic throughout all their locations.

Tactics: Website Redesign | Out of Home Media | TV Spots | Partnerships | Photoshoots

TCO Banner and Billboard TCO Bus and Lightrail

:30 second TV spot.

1:00 minute TV spot featuring retired Minnesota Viking star Ahmad Rashad.

Client: Poolife
Objective: Build brand awareness and position Poolife as the trusted pool chemical brand that dealers recommend, and consumers trust.
Solution: LWe implemented an omnichannel program using Google's ad platforms to reach out to shoppers at every stage of their purchasing process. From introducing Poolife to shoppers through online search during the research phase, to displaying targeted ads on Google Maps when they were looking for local pool stores, we were able to keep Poolife top of mind. When shoppers visited the store, they encountered in-store signage that was consistent with the online ads, strengthening the connection with the brand.

Stores that were part of the program generated an average of 7 million impressions, 20,000 clicks, 600 driving directions, and 500 store visits per dealer location. As a result, there was a significant increase in foot traffic and Poolife product sales during the pool season.

Tactics: In-Store Signage | Paid Media | Digital Media | Email | Web App

Poolife Dealer Interior Poolife Product Displays Poolife Product Displays Poolife Product Displays Poolife Aisle Signage Poolife In-Store Help Poolife Exterior Poolife Digital Media

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